Order in waves

“2005: One year after the Spotted Pig opens in New York, Black Bottle brings the gastropub concept of great booze and high-end eats to Seattle”……seattle metropolitan

“the place to make your regular watering hole”

“it’s far too chic and teeming, its wine list and bar pours much too notable for food to make up this much of its soul.”
…..seattle metropolitan

“clean-lined, generous, original and affordable; understated and yet full of surprises.”
…..seattle pi

“this is not a bar that thinks it needs to be a restaurant and fails by being overambitious. It’s a bar and restaurant that knows it can be both so long as both menus are small and focused.”
…..seattle weekly

“if the Queen is somnolent, hike a couple blocks to join the young and lively at the Black Bottle for fresh sardines namban and a glass of Waterbrook sauvignon blanc from Walla Walla.”
… york times, 36 hours in seattle

“this ain’t your daddy’s bar food.”
…..seattle metropolitan

“if you like sardines, order two plates and keep one close.”
…..seattle times

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